The Henson Sales Group offers comprehensive consulting and representative services to commercial property owners, building service contractors, in-service providers, distributors and manufacturers of commercial cleaning products. Offering a wide array of value added services to all channel partners, The Henson Sales Group specifically works to design both process and procurement strategies for the specification, acquisition and use of commercial cleaning products.



The Henson Sales Group provides property owners and managers guidance on how to create clean, healthy and green environments in their buildings. Green Cleaning and Day Cleaning are just two methods for cleaning buildings that we consult with clients on. We can assist in developing cleaning programs that comply with all LEED and CIMS-GB certification requirements. We can also provide comprehensive consultation services concerning floor safety and slip, trip and fall liability, saving you significantly on your bottom line and insurance premiums. We will send a qualified expert to your facility to perform a Walkway Audit. This is a systematic procedure that analyzes the building’s potential slip, trip and fall hazards by taking measurements of the Coefficient of Friction of floors, thorough walk through and analysis of building hazards and amending any failures in housekeeping protocols and procedures.

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The Henson Sales Group offers distribution a wide range of strategic sales and marketing support. The agency has developed proprietary educational training modules to help distribution engage their customers using an educational based selling model specifically built around cleaning for safety and hygiene. Covering most major categories of product including chemicals, equipment, disposables and tools & accessories, The Henson Sales Group allows distribution to purchase and market multiple lines from one representative thereby creating significant value for their end use customer. In addition, our agency offers comprehensive product training for the distributor and their customers, as well as our continuing motivation selling skills training program for DSRs.

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The Henson Sales Group offers BSCs consultative services along a diversified spectrum that includes, but not limited to, certification to the ISSA’s Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS and CIMS-GB); certification for the Green Seal GS-42 Cleaning Standard; product utilization review; work loading; product procurement review; and introduction of new cleaning technologies.


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An outsourced sales solution, The Henson Sales Group is a leading Manufacturers’ Representative agency serving all of metro New York and the eastern half of Upstate. Working with distributors and end users alike, HSG’s expertise in the commercial cleaning industry helps manufacturers develop and grow markets for their products. Our field sales representatives are strategically located throughout the territory and offer comprehensive field sales services including geographical coverage, expertise in multiple supply chain channels, state of the art technology, software and data services, superior customer service capabilities.

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