Do you or your employees come into contact with any chemicals?  Have you been trained on the Globally Harmonized System (GHS)?  If not, as of June 2013, you are at risk for a citation from OSHA for potentially $7,000 per infraction!  Get in compliance and avoid fines with our simple training program.  In less than 90 minutes, we will have your staff trained and in compliance with the new system and protocols.  En español, así.


The Henson Sales Group provides property owners and managers guidance on how to create clean, healthy and green environments in their buildings. Green Cleaning and Day Cleaning are just two methods for cleaning buildings that we consult with clients on. We can assist in developing cleaning programs that comply with all LEED and CIMS-GB certification requirements. 

We provide comprehensive consultation services concerning floor safety and slip, trip and fall liability, saving you significantly on your bottom line and insurance premiums.  We will send a qualified expert to your facility to perform a Walkway Audit.  This is a systematic procedure that analyzes the building’s potential slip, trip and fall risks by taking measurements of the Coefficient of Friction of floors, a thorough walk through and analysis of building hazards as well as reviewing and amending any failures in housekeeping protocols/procedures.


The Henson Sales Group offers Building Service Contractors consultative services along a diversified spectrum that includes, but not limited to:

•  Certification to the ISSA’s Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS and CIMS-GB)
•  Certification for the Green Seal GS-42 Cleaning Standard
•  Product Utilization Review
•  Work Loading
•  Product Procurement Review
•  Introduction of New Cleaning Technologies.